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Alberta Registry Forms

We have provided the most commonly used Alberta motor vehicle and other registry forms for your convenience. Feel free to print them out and fill in before coming to our office to save time. We also have these forms available at East Calgary Registry in NE Calgary. The most common forms are available at the forms counter right by the front door. If you don’t see the one you want, just ask your clerk.

Commercial Account Holders

Account Credit Application

Alberta Driver’s Guides

driver's guidecommercial driver's guide rider's guide

guide du conducteur

Driver’s Guide

Commercial Driver’s Guide

Motorcycle Rider’s Guide

Guide du conducteur (en français)

Motor Vehicle Forms

Authorization for Vehicle Services (to authorize another person to do Motor Vehicle Services on your behalf)

Bill of Sale

Request for Personal Driving and Motor Vehicle Information

Driver Abstract Consent Form

Notarized Request for Driving and Motor Vehicle Information

Driver Medical Form

Disabled Placard Application

Alberta License Renewal outside Alberta (Code F)

Vital Statistics Forms

Birth Certificate Application

Marriage Certificate Application

Death Certificate Application

Stillbirth Certificate Application

Marriage Search Letter Application

Marriage License Application Form

Legal Name Change Information Guide

Legal Name Change Application

Alberta Health Care Forms

AHCIP New Application

AHCIP Update Form

AHCIP Add a Spouse or Dependent

AHCIP Delete a Spouse or Dependent

Corporate Registry Forms

Declaration of Trade Name

Declaration of Partnership

Cancel a Trade Name

Dissolve a Partnership

Articles of Incorporation (New Alberta Incorporation Form #1)

Notice of Address Form (New Alberta Incorporation Form #2)

Notice of Directors (New Alberta Incorporation Form #3)

Annual Return

Change of Attorney Address

Notice of Attorney/Registered Address

Notice of Extra-Provincial Incorporation and Change Form

Change of Head Office Extra Provincial

Articles of Dissolution

Personal Property Forms

Financing Statement

Status Report Addendum

Writ of Seizure and Sale (Federal Writ)