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Attorney-for-Service for Alberta Corporations

Registered Address for Alberta extra-provincial corporations

You may require an Attorney-for-Service (or registered Alberta corporate address) if you have a company which is incorporated extra-provincially in Alberta, and you do not have a registered address (physical address or legal land description) to which you can receive mail in Alberta and be served with legal summons if ever required. We register many extra-provincial corporations in Alberta in our office and frequently act as Registered Address (or Attorney-for-Service) for them.

attorney for service in Alberta

Alberta Corporate Registry Address

Receipt of Legal Documents and Summons

The role of the Attorney-for-Service is to let you know if you receive legal service of documents. Under Alberta law, you can be served at the registered address of the corporation by mail. If your company is sued, it is critical that you are notified immediately, as you may be required to act very quickly (generally within a couple of weeks) to avoid being noted in default.

Because of the time-sensitive nature of legal action, it’s a good idea to retain the services of an Attorney-for-Service if you are a business owner without an office in Alberta or who is out of town or out of the country for extended periods of time.

In the event that you do require a lawyer to deal with legal action, we can courier any documents we receive, with your consent, to your own legal counsel.

Annual Return

The other legal document we will receive on your behalf every year is your Annual Return from Corporate Registries. We will advise you of the receipt of this document and mail or email it to you for completion. We can take care of the filing and send you the Proof of Filing so that your records can be kept up to date and your corporation will remain active. If you miss this filing, your corporation may be struck and you will be faced with the hassle and expense of revival or incorporating a new company.

Notice of Attorney for Service Form

If you would like to appoint us as your registered address, we will need you to start by emailing the completed Notice of Attorney form to us at accounts@eastcalgaryregistry.com. We will reply with a request for online payment. Alternatively, you can mail the form and the cheque to us or call us at (403) 272-5513 to arrange payment by e-transfer.

Alberta Attorney for Service Fee

Our annual fee for acting as Attorney-for-Service is $150 plus GST.