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Alberta Learner's Class 7 Driver's License in Calgary

Class 7 Knowledge Test Eligibility

  • Must be 14 years of age or older
  • Must be a resident of Alberta
  • Must be legally entitled to be and remain in Canada
  • CANNOT be otherwise restricted from holding a driver’s licence

Taking the Class 7 Knowledge Test

  • Study with the online Driver’s Guide (the Government of Alberta no longer prints driver’s guides).
  • Bring the Required Documents (see below) each time you take the test
  • The cost for the learner’s licence test is $17
  • It must be done on the computer
  • Only one test per day is permitted
  • No appointment is required, but please arrive by 6 pm Monday-Friday and by 4 pm on Saturday.
  • If you pass this test, we can issue you with a Class 7 Learner’s Licence. It will be an Interim Licence (paper copy with no photo) and the actual card will arrive in the mail in 2 weeks. There is no rush service available. The cost for a 5 year term licence is $93.

As a learner driver, you are allowed to drive with an accompanying adult driver who holds a valid Alberta Class 5 (non-GDL) licence.

Required Documents for Class 7 Licence

The role of the Alberta Registry Agent is to verify the identity, the legal presence and the residence of all individuals applying for Alberta Driver’s Licences and ID Cards. In order to do this, we are required by the Government to ask for supporting documents. All documents must be original (no copies or certified copies), legible, in English and undamaged. A single document (i.e. Passport or PR Card) may be used to satisfy both Photo ID and Legal Status.

  • Photo ID – allows us to establish your identity
  • Legal Status in Canada – the Government of Alberta requires us to verify that you are legally entitled to be and remain in Canada before we can issue a Driver’s Licence or ID Card to you
  • Alberta Residence – you must be an actual resident of this province in order to apply for and hold an Alberta Driver’s Licence or ID Card. It is an offense to hold licenses or ID cards for more than one province or jurisdiction at a time.

required documents for drivers licensing in AlbertaMinor Drivers

Please note that if you are under the age of 18, you will need your parent or legal guardian to accompany you to the registry to take your learner’s licence knowledge test. The parent or guardian will also need to accompany you every time you want to re-class your licence (i.e. when you pass the test and want to apply for the Class 7 or when you want to take the road test and apply for the Class 5 GDL).

If you do not pass the knowledge test the first time, go back to your clerk and ask them to stamp your consent form. This way, you may return to the registry next time and show us the consent form without bringing a parent with you.

As with adults, the minor will need to show proof of legal status, identity and residence. If you have a passport or school ID (or other government-issued photo ID), please bring this in. If you don’t have these documents, bring your parent or legal guardian who can present his or her photo ID (Alberta Driver’s Licence is ideal). They will also have to vouch for your identity and residence. In any case, please also be prepared to show us your birth certificate or other document that confers legal status in Canada (PR card, citizenship certificate, etc.) We need to see these original documents each time you attempt the knowledge test.