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Class 2 Alberta Bus Driver's Licence in Calgary

New Class 2 Commercial Drivers and MELT

In order to obtain a Class 2 Driver’s Licence for the first time, you will need to have a full Class 5 (non-GDL) Alberta Driver’s Licence or higher. If you have not previously held a Class 2 or higher  licence before, you will need to complete MELT 2 or MELT 2S (for school bus drivers).

MELT (mandatory entry level training) is a curriculum set out by Alberta Transportation and only accredited driving schools can deliver it. Please refer to our Driving School directory to find a school in Calgary. The Province of Alberta has set a cap on the fees for this course at $5,000. The Government has indicated that grants and other funding options will be made available to offset the cost of this training. Please contact your chosen school for more information about this.

Please note that there are medical requirements which are required before we can issue a professional class of licence. Since the MELT course is time intensive and a significant financial investment, we highly recommend that you have a medical completed BEFORE you start your MELT course. Please visit our office to obtain a medical form to take to your doctor’s office.

Out of Province Class 2 Drivers

Canadian Jurisdictions With MELT

If you have successfully completed an equivalent Class 2 MELT program in another Canadian jurisdiction, you are not required to take Alberta’s MELT program. You also will not have to take the enhanced knowledge test or enhanced road test to get an Alberta Class 2 driver’s licence. However, you will need to provide proof that you have completed MELT as most jurisdictions are not currently recording this on the actual driver’s licence. We suggest that you do this in your home jurisdiction before coming to Alberta.

Canadian Jurisdictions without MELT

Drivers with a Class 2 licence for more than 24 months

If you have held a Class 2 driver’s licence from another Canadian jurisdiction for more than 24 months when you apply for an Alberta driver’s licence, you are not required to take Alberta’s MELT program, the enhanced knowledge test or the enhanced road test.

Transitional MELT Drivers

Drivers who hold an Alberta Class 2 licence but who tested between October 11, 2018 and February 28, 2019 are considered “Transitional MELT Drivers”. These individuals may be receiving a letter from Alberta Transportation requiring them to complete a new Knowledge Test and Road Test prior to March 1, 2020.

Re-classing to Class 2 Driver’s Licence

After you pass the Class 2 road test, you are ready to re-class your licence. The fee for this service is $28.

Please note that you will have to provide a completed Medical Examination for Motor Vehicle Operators form which has been filled out by a physician. This will be required every five years to age 39, four years to age 40, 3 years to age 41, then every two years from age 42-62, and annually thereafter.