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Class 3 Alberta Truck Driver's License in NE Calgary

garbage truck requiring class 3 driver's licence

Requirements For A Class 3 Alberta Driver’s Licence

In order to obtain a Class 3 Driver’s Licence, you will need to have a valid, full Class 5 (non-GDL) licence or higher, in good standing.

Class 3 Knowledge Test

You can prepare for the knowledge test by reading the Commercial Driver’s Guide. Please note that you should also review the Driver’s Guide (the book you studied before you took your Class 7 Learner’s) as there are some general questions included on the commercial knowledge tests as well. When you are thoroughly prepared, come into our office to take the computerized knowledge test. The cost is $17 and an appointment is not necessary. Please be sure to arrive to our office at least one hour before closing (i.e. arrive by 5 on weekdays and by 4 on Saturday). Please note that these tests are available only in English and translation is not permitted.

Driving As A Class 3 Learner

Once you pass the Class 3 Knowledge Test, we will stamp your permit and you can use the permit (with your driver’s Licence) to operate vehicles which require a Class 3 Driver’s Licence as a learner (with a supervising driver). The permit is valid for one year. Before the end of that year, you will need to take the Class 3 Road Test. If more than one year passes, you will need to purchase a new permit and take the Class 3 Knowledge Test again.

Class 3 Road Test

To book your Class 3 Road Test, please visit our office or call us at (403) 207-5158. The cost is $155 and does not include a truck rental.

After you pass the Class 3 road test, you are ready to re-class your licence. The fee for this service is $28.

At this time, there are no medical certificate requirements in Alberta for Class 3. However, you should be aware that other jurisdictions (i.e. the U.S.) may require a medical certificate at the border crossing, so you do need to make sure you know about requirements for any other jurisdiction where you may be driving with your Class 3 licence.