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Traffic Fine Payments in Calgary

traffic ticket for fine paymentsWe can process traffic fine payments in person in our office. The service fee per ticket is $9. If you aren’t sure if your ticket is payable at East Calgary Registry, please read the back of the ticket for payment instructions.

Current Fines

If the fine is current (i.e. before the conviction date on the ticket), you can bring the ticket in and we will pay it off immediately so you can avoid the late fee.

Overdue Fines

If you have an overdue fine on your account, we will not be able to process any motor vehicle services for you until the fine is paid in full.  The payable amount will include the original fine, the late fee and our service fee of $9.

Paying a Ticket for a Third Party

You can also bring in someone else’s ticket to pay off. Please bring the ticket and photo ID for yourself. We are not able to pay off fines for a third party if you don’t have the ticket.

Payment Methods

We accept cash or debit. Credit Card payments are available as well, but there is an additional charge of 3% which goes directly  to a third party. This is because merchant fees often exceed the amount of our service fee. We much prefer payment by debit. We do not accept cheques for Fine Payments.

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