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Lost or Stolen Driver’s Licence

Stolen or Lost licence?

Has your Alberta Driver’s Licence or ID been lost or stolen?

Contact the Police

If your driver’s licence has been stolen, please contact the local law enforcement agency where the theft occurred. They will inform you if a theft report is required or recommended. You can reach the Calgary Police at 403-266-1234 or RCMP at 1-855-565-7555. At this time, we do not need to see a police report in order to process a Driver’s Licence replacement.

Apply for a Duplicate Licence

For a duplicate licence to replace a lost or stolen licence, come into East Calgary Registry right away so we can order a duplicate for you. The cost is $28. You will have the same photo as before and you will need to sign for the licence. You must come into the office in person. This is not a service we can offer over the phone and you can’t authorize another person to do the service for you.

We also recommend that you refer to the Calgary Police Service’s comprehensive guide on steps to take to avoid identity theft.

Required Documentation

Whether your licence is lost or stolen, we will need to see supporting identification documents before we can access your motor vehicle file. This policy is in place to protect your privacy and the integrity of the motor vehicle database. Please bring government-issued photo ID if at all possible (i.e. valid Passport, PR Card, Secure Certificate of Indian Status, etc.). If you don’t have these, please bring your birth certificate and two pieces of mail with your name and full address (i.e. utility bill, phone bill, tax return).

Extenuating Circumstances

In extreme cases (for example, in cases of fire or flood) where you are unable to provide any documentation to support your identity, you can bring in a friend or family member to verify your identity. The person who attests to your identity must present a valid Alberta Driver’s Licence or ID card. They must also be prepared to sign a Statutory Declaration to affirm your identity. There is an additional cost of $19 to commission the Statutory Declaration and requires supervisor approval.

After You Apply

You will leave our office with a paper interim licence which does not have a photo. It will take approximately 2 weeks to receive the actual card in the mail.

If you haven’t received the new card within 21 days, call 780-427-7013 for an explanation of the delay. Then, please come back to our office with your temporary ID or Driver’s Licence and a piece of ID so we can order a replacement. Please note: you are responsible for checking the accuracy of the information on your application in our office. The licence will be printed exactly as it appears on the application we give you to approve and sign. If you sign off on it and it turns out you haven’t received the replacement because of an error with the address, we do have to charge you for a replacement. No-charge replacement is only available without any changes.

In Alberta, you are required to come into the registry in person for all driver’s licence services. You cannot authorize another individual to do this on your behalf. There is no “rush” service available for driver’s licences – they are printed off-site.

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