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Alcohol-Related License Suspension in Calgary

Conviction of DUI

In Alberta, you can be convicted of driving under the influence if you have provided a breath or blood sample over 80 milligrams percent, or refused a demand by a peace officer to provide a breath or toxicological (e.g. blood, urine) sample.

Appealing the Suspension

You can purchase an Application for Hearing from East Calgary Registry. The cost will depend upon whether your request an oral or written appeal. The appeal must be filed with the Board within 30 days of the suspension. If your appeal is successful, the government portion of the appeal fee will be refunded, but the Registry portion of the fee is non-refundable.

Length of Driver Licence Suspension

The length of the suspension depends upon how many suspensions you have had previously. Please note that at any time you can be required to appear before the Alberta Transportation Safety Board (ATSB).

Licence Suspension Next Steps

  1. Once you receive notification by mail from Service Alberta about your DL suspension, you will need to visit Registries Plus to surrender your Driver’s Licence card.
  2. Wait out the required suspension period.
  3. Visit East Calgary Registry to pay the reinstatement fee of $209 plus the $28 new card fee. Please note that if you have any overdue fines, you will need to take care of these before the system will allow us to reinstate your licence.