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Enhanced Road Test

Effective April 1, 2023, the Basic Class 5 Road Test has been replaced with a new Enhanced Class 5 Road Test.

What is the difference between the Class 5 Basic and the Class 5 Enhanced?

The new Enhanced Class 5 Road Test is a 45 minute test with 35 minutes of “wheels in motion” driving time. There are elements of the old Advanced Road Test included in the new Enhanced Road Test. On the other hand, the old Basic Road Test was a 30 minute skills test which required only around 20 minutes of “wheels in motion” driving time. The new Enhanced Road Test is a more challenging skills test designed to ensure that all licensed Alberta drivers have the required skills to drive safely on our roads.

How to prepare for the Class 5 Enhanced Road Test?

No formal preparation is required for the Class 5 Enhanced Road Test. However, we do recommend taking a driver education program. At a minumum, a 2 hour “brush up” with a licenced driving school is a good idea. Driving instructors can point out bad habits and common mistakes that often lead to accumulation of points or automatic fails during the Road Test.

How much does the Class 5 Enhanced Road Test cost?

The cost for the road test at East Calgary Registry is $174.

Do I have to provide a vehicle for my road test?

If you have your own vehicle, it’s a great idea to use your own vehicle. Just make sure that the vehicle is registered and insured. Bring proof of registration and insurance and make sure they are valid and that the name on the registration matches the name on the insurance. Also take the time to make sure that there is more than 1/2 tank of gas, all brake and signal lights work and the engine light isn’t on.

How do I book a Class 5 Enhanced Driving Test in Calgary?

You can either come in to the office or book online. If you come into the office, just join the queue and select “Book a Road Test” as your service. You will get priority service so the wait won’t be too long.