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Frequently Asked Questions

Alberta Registry Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are you hours? We are open Monday – Friday from 9 am until 6 pm. We are open on Saturday from 9 am – 5 pm. We are open Sundays from 12 – 5. We are closed on every second Sunday and all Statutory Holidays.
  2. I lost my license! What do I do? We can issue a duplicate license to you provided that you held a valid Alberta driver’s license. The cost is $28. You will receive a paper interim license which you can use to drive with and the card will come in the mail in about 2 weeks.
  3. What does it cost to renew a vehicle? It costs $93 per year to renew a vehicle. The renewal date depends on your last name. If you only have a partial year to pay, the cost is pro-rated.
  4. Can you check how much I owe for fines before I come in? For privacy reasons, we aren’t allowed to access your motor vehicle file when you aren’t in the office. Please call the Alberta Justice Fines line at 403 297-2283.
  5. Can I have my insurance company fax in my proof of insurance? We prefer that you just have your broker email your temporary pink card. We can look at it on your phone.
  6. What do I need to bring with me to take a Class 7 Knowledge test? Please bring proof of residency, legal entitlement to be and remain in Canada as well as photo ID if you have it. If you are under 18, please bring a parent or legal guardian. If you are under 18 and you don’t have photo ID, your parent or legal guardian can vouch for your identity as long as they have a valid Alberta driver’s license or ID card.
  7. What do I need to register a vehicle for the first time? Please bring  proof of ownership (i.e. Bill of Sale) as well as digital or paper proof of insurance for the vehicle and government-issued photo ID for yourself.
  8. Do you have driver’s guides available in the office? Unfortunately, the Alberta government has stopped providing these guides in hard copy. To view as PDF, please click here.
  9. Do I need an appointment for a Commissioner for Oaths? No, you don’t need an appointment. Most of our staff are Commissioners. Please note we can only commission documents which will stay in Alberta and we can’t provide certified copies. If you need a notary, we can provide you with a referral. The cost to commission documents is $19 per document, plus GST.