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Annual Returns - Immediate Service in Calgary, Alberta

annual returnsAlberta Corporate Annual Returns – File Online or at Registry

File your Alberta Annual Return by eMail

As of February 2019, the Government of Alberta now emails a Corporate Annual Return form to all Alberta Incorporations the month before the Corporate Annual return is due. It’s important to fill this out and email it to us so that we can file your return. If you miss two annual returns, your corporation will be struck.

You can file the return by filling out the form and emailing it to accounts@eastcalgaryregistry.com. We will check the status of the corporation to make sure that only the one return is outstanding. The cost is $75 with no changes or $90 with changes. We can email you an e-invoice – just click on the link to pay it. Once payment is received, we will complete the return and email back to you a proof of filing.

When is an Annual Return due?

In order to keep your corporation active, you must complete an annual return each year and file your return by the last day of the month following the anniversary of the registration month.

For example: If your corporation was registered in September, you should file your return by October 31. You should receive an Annual Return form in the mail from Alberta’s Corporate Registries. If you don’t receive your annual return form in the mail, be sure to come visit us right away. It could be that your address is not up to date – we can update this at the same time that we do your annual return.

What do I need to file an Annual Return?

When filing your annual return, you just need:

  1. One piece of identification. If you are filing by email, just fill in your Driver’s Licence number for the persona Authorizing at the bottom of the form next to your name.
  2. An Annual Return Form. Print this form and fill it out, or use the form that was emailed or mailed to you from Alberta Corporate Registry.

You will need to know the names and addresses of the top 5 shareholders of the corporation, if they have changed. You will also need the accurate and current mailing and registered address of your corporation.

Who can file an Annual Return?

An authorized person (i.e. director, accountant, lawyer or other agent of the corporation) complete the Annual Return Form. Anyone can bring the form into the Registry or email it to accounts@eastcalgaryregistry.com to file the return.

How do I file my annual return?

At Registries Plus, we try to make it as convenient as possible to keep your incorporation active.

  1. In person – we always have CORES accredited staff ready to process your return while you wait.
  2. Email accounts@eastcalgaryregistry.com the above forms and a copy of your ID. We will email you back an eInvoice which you can easily pay by clicking the secure link and inputting your credit card information. Once you have paid, we will complete the annual return and email you the Proof of Filing. A print out of this emailed copy is sufficient for your Minute Book, but if you would like us to mail you the original, please add $5.
  3. Fax us the Annual Return form to 403 272-7037 and your ID. We will contact you by phone to take payment by credit card and we can send your Proof of Filing by mail, email or Fax.

What is the fee to file an Annual Return?

The cost for an Annual Return is $75.

What if I miss filing my return?

Annual Returns have to be filed in chronological order. This means that if you miss two years, you have to file the first year before you can file the second year. If you miss two or more Annual Returns, your corporation may be struck. We can help with that too – see Reviving a Struck Corporation. Please note that you will have to file an Annual Return for each year that has been missed.

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