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Corporate Name Search

Alberta’s Corporate Registry is a centralized storehouse of corporate information for currently and formerly registered Alberta corporations, registered extra-provincial corporations, partnerships and trade names (business names), and non profit organizations.  This information is public information and is available to anyone upon request.

We do searches in our office and also online.

There are four different types of searches that we can do:

Current Search is the most common type of search. It provides current information on various types of entities, such as how long the organization has been in operation, its current status (active, start, dissolved, or struck) address, directors, shareholders, and declarants. All that we will require is the legal name of the company or Corporate Access Number. There is a fee of $19 for each search.

Historical Search is similar to a current search except that the information is correct as of a specific date in the past.

Certificate of Status  provides verification of the current status, such as ‘active’, ‘dissolved’, of a corporation or non-profit organization.  Certificates of status are not available for registrations under the Partnership Act.

Historical Certificates of Status is similar to a Certificate of Status but for a specific date in the past.

For fees associated with historical searches and certificates of status, please contact our office.