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Incorporate a Company in Alberta

Congratulations on deciding to go into business for yourself. There are many advantages to incorporating. If you are trying to decide between an Incorporation and a more simple structure like a Trade Name or Partnership, please read Choosing Between a Trade Name and an Incorporation.

Named or Numbered Company?

Legally, there is no difference between named and numbered companies. If you don’t select a company name, you will be assigned a number by Alberta Corporate Registry and your company will be officially known by that number. An example would be 1234567 Alberta Inc. You cannot choose the number – they are assigned sequentially.

If you prefer to set up a Named Company, you will need to do a NUANS Report first. The NUANS Report needs to be current within 90 days. The cost is $45.

If you are already using a Numbered Company and you wish for it to become a Named Company, you will need to do a NUANS Report and then pay a fee to complete an Amendment of Incorporated Name.

What is an incorporation?

Incorporation means creating a new legal entity. It can limit personal liability and allows you to seek investment from shareholders. There may be tax advantages as there is flexibility in how revenue is distributed from the company to shareholders. We recommend that you consult with a lawyer or accountant for advice specific to your situation.

What are shareholders?

Shareholders are essentially the owners of the corporation. They are individuals or other legal entities who have invested in the corporation and therefore have the opportunity to make decisions about the corporation and to profit from its success. The rights and responsibilities of the shareholders are determined by the share structure.

What is the cost?

East Calgary Registry offers the best value for incorporation in Calgary at $385.

Are there any other costs?

We do recommend that you purchase a Minute Book for $66 plus GST. As an incorporated company, you are required to maintain corporate records. The minute book that we sell comes with all of the information you need from Legal Ease about how to maintain your corporate records. You will also receive share certificates.

What do I need?

  1. Visit our office to complete payment or contact us at 403 272-5513 or email accounts@eastcalgaryregistry.com to request an eInvoice.
  1. Print and fill out these forms. You can bring them in, email to accounts@eastcalgaryregistry.com or fax them to 403 272-7037.
    1. Articles of Incorporation
    2. Notice of Address
    3. Notice of Directors

We are normally able to complete the incorporation on the same day, so most people choose to wait in our office. If you prefer, we can mail your paperwork to you or keep it at our Priority Desk for fast pickup. It’s that easy!