Canada Post Strike to Disrupt Delivery of Alberta Driver’s Licenses

Posted on: Sep 21, 2018
alberta drivers licenses will not be mailed out in case of Canada Post strike

Service Alberta has suspended the postal delivery of all Alberta Driver’s Licenses after September 20, 2018 in anticipation of a Canada Post strike. Canada Post employees are expected to go on strike sometime before the end of September if a deal is not made between Canada Post and its union.

Service Alberta recommends that Albertans do not do any unnecessary driver’s license services until the threat of a strike is over. If your license is expired or very soon to expire, you will need to come in to renew it. Service Alberta will delay delivery of the license until such time that the threat of a strike has passed. If you are just making a voluntary change to your license (i.e. reclass, address change, name change), then you are advised to wait until full service can be resumed.

If you have to do an operator service, please understand that it is Motor Vehicle policy that we must retain and shred your current Alberta license.You will leave our office with a temporary interim license, which is a piece of paper that does not have a photo on it. Under no circumstances are we allowed by policy to do any operator service  without destroying the current license.  Unfortunately, there is no rush or courier service available for Driver’s Licenses.

The interim license is generally valid for 30 days. This is usually ample time for a licence to arrive in the mail (it usually takes around 10 days). However, if the strike does happen and if it continues for a long period of time, it is possible that the Government of Alberta will extend the period for which interim licenses are valid.

Please continue to check back to our website for updates on the situation as they become available. If you have any questions specific to your file, please visit us in the office.