Personal Property - Register an Interest in Property in Alberta

Register an Interest in Alberta

Register, Renew or Discharge a Lien or Writ in Alberta

At East Calgary Registry, we have many years of experience with registering liens, security agreements and writs of enforcement with the Alberta Personal Property Registry. Here are some of the services that our experienced registry staff can provide:

  • security agreements
  • writs of enforcement
  • discharges and renewals
  • distribution seizure
  • garagekeeper’s liens

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Online Lien Search

Lien Search

It’s always a great idea to conduct an online Alberta lien search before you purchase any property. You can do a lien search for any property with a serial number, such as: aircraft, boat, mobile homes, motor vehicles, outboard motors for a boat, off-road vehicles and trailers. You can also do a debtor search to find out if any liens are registered against the property of an individual or business.

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Account Pricing Available

If you or your company does search requests each month, please contact us to find out about setting up an account to benefit from volume pricing. We offer excellent service, fast turn-around time and convenient billing by monthly statement.

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