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Drive for Uber in Calgary

If you want to drive for Uber in Calgary, East Calgary Registry is can help you get your documents in order. It’s a relatively simple process and we are here to help.

Get A Professional Driver’s Licence

You can drive for Uber with Class 1, 2, or 4. Generally, Class 1 is for commercial trucks, Class 2 is for buses and Class 4 is for taxis. Class 4 is the simplest and fastest of these licences to obtain and you can use your own vehicle. You are eligible to test for a Class 4 licence if you have a Class 5 Non-GDL Licence in good standing. To get a Class 4 licence:

  1. Take the Class 4 Knowledge Test. We recommend that you read the Commercial Driver’s Guide as well as the Class 7 Learner’s Driver’s Guide as there will be questions on the test from both books. When you feel that you are fully prepared, come in with your Class 5 Non-GDL Licence and we will set you up at a computer to take the test. The test is available in English only and no translations are allowed. You need to get 25 questions correct. Once you get 6 questions wrong, the test stops. You can take one test per day. No appointment is required. The cost is $17.
  2. Once you pass the Class 4 Knowledge Test, you will need to get a Driver’s Medical completed. You can download and print the Driver Medical Form here. Additionally, you can ask for one after completing your knowledge test. This service is not covered by Alberta Health – please ask us for a referral to a doctor who can provide this service for a minimal cost.
  3. With your Class 4 Knowledge Test and medical complete, you will be immediately eligible to re-class your licence for $28. You will receive an interim (paper) licence and the actual card will arrive in the mail 2 weeks later.

NOTE: a Class 4 Road Test is no longer required to upgrade to a Class 4 licence, effective April 1, 2023.

Get A Commercial Plate For Your Uber Vehicle

In order to drive a vehicle with paying passengers, you will need a Class 1-55 (Ride for Hire) plate. The cost for this plate for the year is $91.45. However, the month that the plate expires depends on the last name of the registrant and the fee is pro-rated accordingly. In order to issue a new plate, we will need to see valid insurance (digital or paper copy) in the registrant’s name. In Alberta, Uber provides insurance for ridesharing through Intact insurance, but the vehicle still requires its own policy in addition to this.

Get A Driver Abstract For Uber

Uber will require a Driver Abstract. We can provide these on the spot for $28. You will have to choose between 3, 5 or 10 years and Commercial or Standard. We encourage you to verify the exact requirements with Uber before ordering your Driver Abstract as we cannot refund or exchange the abstract product after it has been ordered.

Register With Uber

When you have completed your Class 4 Driver’s Licence and registered your Vehicle with a Class 1-55 plate, you will be ready to apply to drive for Uber. Please visit the Uber website for application requirements.