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Alberta Specialty Licence Plates

There are three kinds of Alberta Specialty Licence Plates: Battle of Alberta, Veteran and Support our Troops Plates. Veteran plates require an approved application form from the Canadian Legion. You can order a Battle of Alberta or Support Our Troops plate online or at East Calgary Registry.

Battle of Alberta Specialty Licence Plates

Battle of Alberta Specialty Plate

Whether you cheer for the Calgary Flames or the Edmonton Oilers, you can show your team spirit and support a good cause when you order a Battle of Alberta Specialty Plate. For each plate sold, $55 will go toward the Flames Foundation (for Flames plates) or the Oilers Community Foundation (for Oilers plates). The cost to order the plate is $84. You can order in our office at East Calgary Registry or online.

The plate will arrive in the mail in a few weeks. You will need to visit our office when the plate arrives so we can transfer your existing registration to the new plate. There is a $28 fee to transfer registration. You may be able to save this fee if you renew your registration at the same time.

Veterans’ Licence Plates

Alberta Veteran Specialty Plate

An individual who has a Veteran attribute assigned to his or her motor vehicle profile is entitled to obtain a Veteran plate for a personal vehicle, commercial farm vehicle or motorcycle. There is no additional cost for the plate beyond the cost of registration, which is $93 per year.

The Royal Canadian Legion (RCL), Alberta/NWT Command must approve all applications before you can be issued a Veterans Plate. Once you have an approved application form from the legion, you may request the plate at East Calgary Registry.

An Application for a Veterans’ Licence Plate can be obtained from:

Alberta/NWT Command Veterans’ Plate
The Royal Canadian Legion
2020 15th Street NW
Calgary, Alberta T2M 3N8

Or on their website.

When the veteran passes away, the veteran’s licence plate may be retained only as a memento but can no longer be used on a vehicle.

Support Our Troops Plates

Support Our Troops Plate

The Support Our Troops plates were introduced in 2012 to honour past and current members of the Armed Forces. You don’t have to be a veteran or a member of the armed forces in order to purchase a Support Our Troops plate – the Support Our Troops plates are a great way to show moral and financial support for our Armed Forces because the majority of proceeds go toward the Support Our Troops program which provides financial support for current and past members of the armed forces and their families.

The cost is a one-time fee of $84 and your account must be in good standing (no outstanding fines) in order to purchase one. You can visit East Calgary Registry to order your Support our Troops plate online. In either case, it will be delivered to your home by mail in a few weeks. You will need to visit a registry to have your existing registration transferred to the new plate. There is a $28 fee to have the plate transferred. You may be able to save yourself this fee if you need to renew your registration.

The Support Our Troops Plate can be renewed just like a regular plate. Like regular plates, Support Our Troops plates cannot be transferred to a new owner. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a Support Our Troops plate to anyone other than the registrant.

Order a Support Our Troops plate online

Whatever kind of Alberta Specialty Licence Plates you want, East Calgary Registry is happy to help you order it.