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Cancel A Plate

If you are leaving the province or if you are selling your vehicle and don’t plan to register a new vehicle right away, you might choose to cancel your plate.

You will need to pay a $9 service fee at the time of service. You will receive a cheque in the mail for a prorated amount of the registration remaining on the plate, equal to approximately $5 per month, after the Government of Alberta deducts a $10 activation fee. In order to successfully cancel your licence plate, you will need to bring a form of Government Issued ID and the physical licence plate.

By cancelling the plate and returning the plate to us, you are protecting yourself from liability should the plate be stolen and put on another vehicle which may be stolen or involved in illegal activities. The process is relatively quick and will leave you with peace of mind.

You can authorize another individual to come into our office to cancel your plate – just fill out the Authorization for Vehicle Services and have the person you are authorizing bring in the original of this form.

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