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Lost or Stolen Plates

Licence Plate Theft On the Rise in Calgary

Sadly, licence plate thefts are on the rise in Alberta. Criminals may use stolen plates to drive or register stolen vehicles or to put on a vehicle that they will use to commit a crime. Since you are liable for any fines which are incurred while the plate is registered in your name, it is important to know your plate number and to check it frequently to make sure that it hasn’t been switched.

Call the Police to Report a Stolen Plate

If your plate has been stolen, you should contact the Calgary Police at 403 266-1234 to report the theft right away.

Cancel and Replace Your Stolen Plate

Whether the plate is lost or stolen, you should come into Registries Plus to cancel the plate right away. Bring in your valid vehicle registration and proof of insurance. We can give you a new plate and transfer your vehicle onto this new plate for a fee of $28.

If you can’t come into the office yourself, you can authorize another individual to do so on your behalf. You can print and fill out this Vehicle Authorization Form and either fax it to us at 403 272-7037 or have the person who is coming in to change your registration for you bring it with them.

Anti-Theft Screws

We also sell Screw It N’Go anti-theft screws which may help to deter criminals. They cost $7.99 plus GST and are available from our office.



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If your licence has been lost or stolen, there are some important steps you must take to prevent identity theft and to remain legally entitled to drive a vehicle.

At Registries Plus, we always have a Commissioner for Oaths available to administer oaths and witness statutory declarations and affidavits.

If you have a medical condition which prevents you from walking more than 50 metres (or if you drive someone with a disability), you are eligible for a parking placard to use handicap parking spots.