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Out Of Province Or Salvage

Portrait of an auto mechanic at work on a car in his garage

Out of Province Vehicles

If you are bringing a vehicle into Alberta from another province and you wish to have the vehicle registered in Alberta, you will need to visit our office so we can put the vehicle into the motor vehicle database and print off an Out of Province Inspection form. The fee for this service is $9.

Salvage Vehicles

If you own or have purchased a vehicle with a salvage status on the motor vehicle database, the process is similar – come into our office so we can issue you a Salvage Inspection Form. This form is printed from the database with the VIN of your vehicle and there is a fee of $9.

OOP & Salvage Inspections

The next step is to take your Out of Province or Salvage vehicle with the inspection form to a mechanic who is certified to complete these services. He or she will inspect the vehicle and let you know if any modifications or repairs have to be done. Be sure to have the inspection completed and bring back the certificate within 2 weeks as it is only valid for 14 days.

Register Your OOP or Salvage Vehicle

Once the vehicle has passed the inspection, you will bring the inspection certificate back to us, along with valid insurance, proof of ownership, and your driver’s licence. With that information, we can register the vehicle in your name.

The cost of vehicle registration will depend on the length of registration you choose and on your last name (or company name if you are registering the vehicle that way) – refer to the Month Expiry Chart for more information or call us at 403 272-5513 for an exact price. Please see the Register a New Vehicle page for more information.

Assigned VIN

If you wish to register a vehicle which does not have a VIN, you will need to undergo the Assigned VIN Program, administered by the VIN Verification Services Corporation.

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