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At East Calgary Registry, we have years of experience in registering Prorate vehicles for companies located in Alberta, elsewhere in Canada and even in the United States. We have many large accounts who trust us to keep their vehicle registrations up to date. If you are interested in talking to us about what we can do to facilitate your company’s prorate registrations, please contact us at 403 272-5513 or email manager@eastcalgaryregistry.com.

What is Prorate?

Alberta participates in the International Registration Plan (IRP), a reciprocity agreement between the U.S. and Canada. Prorate Services facilitates the IRP program in Alberta.

Getting Started with Prorate

All prorated clients are required to have a Safety Fitness Certificate with a status of “Federal.” There are additional requirements depending on the weight of the vehicle, the cargo it will carry and the jurisdictions in which it will travel. Details about how to enroll in the IRP can be found on Alberta Transportation’s website.

Download the full New Client Package. Be prepared to wait at least 5 business days – wait times vary according to the volume of applications being received by Alberta Transportation.

Prorate Training and Customer Support

Confused about Prorate and other record keeping responsibilities for operating a large Alberta-registered truck inside of Alberta and in other jurisdictions? Training and support are available.

Start with this video or contact Prorate services for other training options.

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