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Licence Plate Transfers

The basic rule about licence plate transfers is that the plate stays with the person. You can transfer your plate to your new vehicle, but you can’t give your plate to someone else. Never allow someone to keep your plate when selling a vehicle.

The cost to transfer a plate from one vehicle to another is $28, provided the plate registration is still valid. You may be able to save this fee if you extend your registration at the same time. Please ask your clerk at the start of the service.

Remember that you will need to show proof of valid insurance, your driver’s licence (or other government-issued photo ID) and proof of ownership for the new vehicle.

You can authorize someone to transfer your plate using the Authorization for Vehicle Services form. The person who comes into the office to do the service must show valid photo ID.

We recommend that you download and print the Bill of Sale provided by Service Alberta as it contains all the necessary elements to legally register ownership of a vehicle in the province of Alberta. These forms are also available at the Forms Counter in our office.