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Alberta Vehicle Registration for Your New Vehicle

women and man in convertible driving on highwayCongratulations on the purchase of your new vehicle. All vehicles in Alberta require current Alberta vehicle registration.


New Vehicles in Alberta

If the vehicle is brand new, you will need to present a NVIS (New Vehicle Information Statement). The NVIS is like a birth certificate for your vehicle and lets us know that we can create this vehicle in the motor vehicle database without a mechanic’s inspection. In addition, we need to see proof of insurance and proof of ownership (see below).

Vehicles from Out of Province

Bringing a vehicle into Alberta from another province? Please see the Out of Province or Salvage page for details about how this process works.

Required Documents for All Alberta Vehicle Registrations


You will also require a Bill of Sale from the dealership or previous owner or Lease papers. If you are purchasing from a dealer, the dealer can fax the paperwork to 403 272-7037 or email to eastcalgaryregistry@gmail.com. If you are purchasing from an individual, you will need to bring a Bill of Sale.

If the vehicle was previously leased and the current owner hasn’t removed the lease status, you will need to purchase a lien search for $16 or provide a letter from the leasing company in order to register the vehicle in your name.


We also need to see Proof of Insurance valid for the day that you come in (meaning the term can’t have expired yesterday or start tomorrow). We can see a digital copy on your phone or you can have your insurance company email it to eastcalgaryregistry@gmail.com.

Cost of Alberta Vehicle Registration

If you need a new plate, there is no cost for the plate itself. The cost will depend on the term – for 12 months for a passenger vehicle (non-commercial), it will be $93. If you are registering for less or more than the 12 month term, the cost will be prorated. To find out which month your personal or company licence plate will expire, refer to the Registration Month Expiry Chart. Call us at 403 272-5513 to find out the exact cost.

Commercial Vehicles

If you will be using your vehicle to haul goods (either your own or someone else’s), tools or passengers for hire, you will require a Commercial Plate. For specific information about registering a commercial vehicle, please refer to the Commercial Vehicles page.

See Also:

Have you bought a vehicle from another province? You may require an out-of-province inspection.

Do you already have valid Alberta vehicle registration on another vehicle? You can simply transfer your plate to the new vehicle.

It's important the the type of Alberta vehicle registration you purchase matches the type of vehicle and how you will use the vehicle.