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AlbertBirth Certificates

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Who Can Request An Alberta Birth Certificate

A birth certificate can be requested for individuals born in the Province of Alberta. The birth certificate can be requested by the person whose birth is registered or the parent of the person whose birth is registered. If your name appears on the birth record (because it’s your birth certificate or you are the birth parent), we will need to see your valid government-issued photo ID. If you are requesting the certificate because of court order, adoption, or because you are a guardian, trustee or person with power of attorney for the child or the parent, we will require further documentation. Please refer to this Eligibility for Requesting Documents resource so you know what to bring with you.

Types of Birth Certificates Available

There is just one size of birth certificate, but you can choose between a Birth Certificate with Personal Information and a Birth Certificate with Personal and Parentage Information. The process for ordering and the cost is the same for both types. You may wish to note that Passport Canada requires a Proof of Parentage Document for all new Child Passport Applications and the Birth Certificate with Personal Information and Parentage Information meets this requirement.

     Birth Certificate with Parentage                                      Birth Certificate without Parentage

birth certificate with parentage                                   birth certificate without parentage

The cost for the birth certificate is $48.00 and it will be mailed to your house within two weeks. If you wish to have it rushed, we can have it couriered to our office for pickup within three days (the exact time frame depends on the day of the week and the time of day which you order it). There is an additional rush fee of $19 (plus GST).

What if I don’t have valid photo ID?

If you don’t have valid photo ID, you will need to find someone who knows you personally and has valid photo ID and is willing to sign the Statutory Declaration at the bottom of the Birth Certificate request form. This must be done in person at our office and witnessed and stamped by a Commissioner for Oaths. There is an additional $19 (plus GST) fee for the Commissioner and requires supervisor approval.

Applying for a Birth Certificate from Outside of Alberta

If you want to request a birth certificate and you are outside of Alberta, you can complete the Birth Certificate Request form, take it to a Lawyer or Notary to complete the Statutory Declaration for Proof of Identity portion of the form and then submit it to Registry Connect. Registry Connect is the only agency in Alberta authorized to order birth certificates by mail.