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Request an Alberta Death Certificate

We are sorry for your loss and we want to make it as simple as possible for you to request the document that you need.

Who can apply for a death document?

Generally, the executor of the deceased person’s will, the adult next of kin (minor parent, spouse or partner), guardian, trustee or lawyer can request a death certificate. For more details, please see the Eligibility to Request Vital Statistics Documents resource.

How to Apply for a Death Certificate

If you live in Alberta and you wish to request a document for a death which occurred in Alberta, you will need to visit a Registry office in person and be prepared to show identification as well as proof of relationship so that we can confirm your eligibility to request the document. Examples of proof of relationship may include marriage certificate or birth certificate, will, etc.

You will need to fill out the Death Certificate Request Form

There is a section at the bottom to designate an agent to request the document on your behalf.

What Types of Death Documents Are Available?

The most commonly requested death document is the Death Certificate, but there are three death documents available to order through Vital Statistics.

Death Certificate

  • Framing Size: 21.5 cm x 17.8 cm
  • Includes: name, sex, age, marital status and usual residence of the deceased as well as date, time and place of death. The registration number and date of registration are also included.

Copy of Medical Certificate of Death

  • Framing Size: 21.5 cm x 28 cm
  • Includes: full name, age (at time of death) and sex of the deceased, place and medical cause of death, the name of the attending physician or medical examiner that completed the medical certificate of death, as well as registration number. There is always an official raised seal and red stamp on the back of the photocopy stating that it is certified true copy of the original registration.

Copy of Registration of Death

This is a certified photocopy of the registration form completed at the time of death – it is not the death certificate itself. This photocopy is usually requested for genealogical purposes.

  • Includes: full name, usual address, sex, age and marital status (at time of death) of the deceased, date and place of death, registration number and date as well as disposition information (i.e. burial or cremation)

How Long Do Death Documents Take to Arrive?

As with the birth documents, they are generally printed 2-3 days after the request is made to Vital Statistics, provided there are no amendments or changes. They can be mailed to your address or couriered to our office for rush pickup for an extra fee of $19.

What is the cost?

The cost is $48. The document can be rushed to our office within 3 days for an additional courier fee of $19 plus GST.