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Marriage Documents

Congratulations on your marriage!

Alberta Marriage Licence

We can issue a marriage licence in our office on the spot for marriages which will occur in the Province of Alberta within the next three months. There is no need to make an appointment. However, we do ask that you arrive at least one hour before we close (i.e. before 5 pm Monday-Friday and before 4 pm on Saturday). Both partners must be present in our office and both people must have valid government-issued ID.

Please note that the application form will require the following information: date and place of birth for both partners, religious denomination, mother’s legal name (including maiden name) and place of birth, father’s legal name and place of birth. If either partner has been previously married, a Certificate of Divorce or Decree Absolute is also required. If either partner is under the age of 18, parental consent will also be required.

To save time, you can complete the  Marriage Licence Application Form and bring it with you. The marriage licence fee is $95 . You will receive your marriage licence at the time of application, so no need to panic if you have left the licence for the last minute. The licence is only good for up to three months, so be sure not to apply too far ahead of the date.

Destination Weddings

Marriage licences are always issued by the jurisdiction in which the marriage will occur and all official documents related to the wedding will always remain in this jurisdiction. Some people choose to get a marriage licence and officially marry in Alberta before or after their destination wedding. You can get the licence in our office, have a marriage commissioner marry you, and then apply for the marriage certificate right away. (No throwing rice or confetti, please!). In order to do this, you will need to arrange your own Marriage Commissioner or ask us for a referral.

Marriage Certificates

We can order a marriage certificate for marriages which occurred and were registered in the Province of Alberta. Either of the people listed on the marriage certificate can request the document. There are two sizes available: wallet and framing and the cost and the information contained on each size is the same. The price is $48.  You can order extra copies for an additional fee of $20 per copy. As with birth certificates, there is option to rush the certificate for an extra charge of $19.

Framing Size  Marriage Certificate                                Small  Size Marriage Certificate

Marriage Framing amendment                              Marriage wallet face amendments

Marriage Search Letters

Some countries will ask for a marriage search letter from your jurisdiction of residence in order to prove that you are not currently married. The marriage search is done in three year increments. The cost for three years is $28 plus a $20 government fee for each additional three-year period that you need searched. You should ask the jurisdiction where you will be married exactly how many years they need the search letter to be valid for, as it can be expensive if you need to search all the way back to birth.